Cubehub novel satellite ground stations
connected to crowdsourced network

Cubehub network solves the most daunting problems in satellite operations - limited communication time and expensive ground stations.

Cubehub is developing a crowdsourced satellite ground station network, which will consist of clever, fully integrated, cost-effective and automatic ground stations, to enable worldwide real-time satellite operations.

The first ground station prototype is ready and its QHA antenna concept has been tested by receiving ESTCube-1 and other CubeSats. Currently web interface and ground station signal processing tools are under development. After that it will be possible to build the demonstration network for further development and testing.

Initial ground station will only be able to receive in UHF band but ground stations with transmitting capabilities will follow. Antennas and ground stations for other frequencies like S-band and X-band are already being planned. Some of the software is also open sourced (

Ground station network

Satellite operators who would like to use Cubehub network for telecommunication can order service and reserve the network. Clients can use web interface for defining satellite reception parameters, communication periods and locations and data forwarding to mission control systems.

  • All ground stations are interconnected to Cubehub network.
  • Open market makes crowdsourced network sustainable.
  • Part of the revenue will be distributed back to ground station owners.
  • Central server coordinates networked ground stations.

Ground station

Cubehub ground station uses stationary hemispherical quadrifilar helix antenna for reception. Therefore azimuth and elevation tracking is not needed. It is expected to cost about ten times less than than commercial station kits.

  • Integrated satellite communication ground station.
  • Everything is in one compact enclosure plus antennas.
  • Based on software-defined radio (SDR).
  • Automatic position calibration.
  • Only one Ethernet cable is needed for communication and powering the device.

Meet the team

Paul Liias


Paul is responsible for executing company strategy. He was the leading mechanical engineer at the nanosatellite project ESTCube-1. Attended internship program at the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Has won several first places at international startup, business and engineering competitions. Studied Product development at Tallinn University of Technology and Space Technology at RWTH Aachen.

Andres Vahter


Andres is responsible for ground station product development. Creator of communication subsystem of nanosatellite ESTCube-1. Expert in low level drivers and digital electronics. Currently works at Starship Technologies where he serves embedded systems engineer position. Passionate about radio communication, space technology and robotics. Andres received his MSc in mechatronics from the Tallinn University of Technology.

Erik Kulu

Product architect

Erik is responsible for product and service architecture. He lead ESTCube-1 operations at Tartu Observatory including monitoring and commanding the satellite. He was researcher at European Commission FP7 NANOSAT project, which investigated how nanosatellites could be used to support the implementation of European Space Policy. Studied physics at University of Tartu.

Elmo Trolla

Back-end engineer

Elmo is responsible for developing back-end to our network. He has extensive knowledge about developing embedded systems, realtime 3D graphics engines and large scale server back-ends. Has written software for military simulation systems consisting of multiple networked computers and custom hardware. Was involved in developing the ground control station software for the Estonian UAV SWAN.

Mikk Mangus

Front-end engineer

Mikk is responsible for designing front-end part of the system. Currently he serves as front-end developer at IoT Technologies. Mikk has broad experience in designing databases, web services and giant web applications. He also teaches programming at Estonian Information Technology College. In his free time Mikk constructs hardware, applies robotics and tunes internal combustion engines.

Contact us

Cubehub OÜ

Akadeemia tee 21-1 356, Tallinn 12618, Estonia
+372 5340 3110